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Monitor growth through visual medical practice metrics

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Intuitive dashboard delivers global practice metrics in real-time

mdconnection's billing dashboard is a cloud app for delivering real-time practice dashboards on web browsers and mobile devices. The billing dashboard helps you stay in control of your medical practice by giving you visibility into your most important data and metrics, wherever you are.


Intuitive dashboard metrics keep you informed of your medical practice's health


The billing dashboard is multi-device friendly. View on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices


Stay ahead of the trends by utilizing secure, cloud-based applications from mdconnection

All of your global data in one secure place

The billing dashboard migrates all of your medical practice's data into quick, accurate, informative visual graphics, putting all of your business metrics into one safe place.
Providers and practioners on the road can easily plan & route appointment locations saving valuable time and resources. View appointment demographics and details while you are on the go.
Switch between monthly, weekly, and daily appointment views for all of your medical providers and practioners. Quick practice switching and intuitive snapshots deliver appointment data in real time.
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Billing Dashboard Features

Combine the power of mdconnection's cloud-based practice management with informative global practice metrics


Appt. Routing

Keep your mobile practioners on the go with appointment map planning & routing

Global Metrics

Gather all of your medical practices data into secure, easy to read metrics

Informative KPIs

Track key performance indicators through informative financial reporting

User/Provider Management

Choose who sees what with our enhanced user management tools

Claim Tracking

Stay on top of your claims with our built-in claim management tools

Secure Messaging

Send secure messages to users and groups with built-in messaging

Global Practice Analytics

Multiple practices? No problem. We've got reports to pull the data together

Provider Scheduling

Stay on top of scheduling with day/week/month views & more

Data Analysis

Ensure API data handshaking with our integrated data reporting tools

How healthy is your medical practice?

Valuable reports deliver critical information about your medical practices. Our built-in reporting gathers data from all of your medical practices into one place, so you can compare the health of your practices in real time.
The billing dashboard can be viewed on multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Stay informed of your medical practice's health on the go.
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High-Volume Provider

Unlimited Transactions

This plan is perfect for the full-time medical provider with moderate to high volumes of claim, eligibility and ERA transactions

Low-Volume Provider

Low-Fee Transactions

This plan is perfect for part-time medical provider with low to moderate volumes of claim, eligibility and ERA transactions

Mid-Level Providers

Unlimited & Low-Fee Transaction Options

This plan is perfect for mid-level providers with low to moderate volumes of claim, eligibility and ERA transactions
We do not commit you to long-term contracts. If at any time your situation changes, or you'd like to cancel - you may do so freely.
patient portal

Engage patients in your medical practice through ptconnection - our secure online patient portal.

With customizable options you manage, your patients can schedule appointments, view bills, and make online payments, as well as view documents you upload to the portal.

  • View statements online
  • Make secure online payments
  • Check appointment availability
  • Download documents ahead of appointments

Feature rich applications to meet the needs of your dynamic medical practice

Combine the power of all 3 cloud-based applications to manage your medical practice


mdconnection claim

Billing Dashboard

A powerful global practice analytics platform that combines all of your medical practices under one virtual roof

mdconnection claim


Enterprise-level cloud-based practice management for scheduling, medical billing, claims and payment handling

mdconnection claim

Patient Connection

A cloud-based patient portal which allows patients to pay your medical bills, view appts, and download documents

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